Working Late After Office Hours

Oh My God Not Again!!!!

Everyday there are things and jobs pending despite working in fourth gear at a speed of 1000 Miles Per Hour.

Even the world class companies have started getting work of many through efforts of few. Multi Tasking and “Jack of All” Roles are common.

  1. More Meeting Hours & Less Independent Hours
  2. More Repeated Briefings and less time to do what we are briefed about
  3. More emails and less execution reports
  4. More Distractions in form of Forms Fillings/Computer Searching/Cross Functional Intruders, unexpected visitors and ultimately internet mobile messages

Have lead to more discussions and less work times.

The result is that by the time we actually think to start our real work, the day is over.

I know many would talk about focus and time management but distractions, crisis management and meetings never stop.

Now coming to a very different experience.

The day I spend few extra hours in the office when everyone is gone I am able to clear off lot of back log works.

It really helped.

It helps.

When no one is there to bother me I can work with far more concentration and solace to prepare much value added works, reports and plans.

I know it costs me a part of my family time and also a part of my health but when I have more points of achievements’ than my compatriots or colleagues at the end of each month all that feeling flee away.

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