Bitten by Mouse

Two days ago the Electricity of my Apartment went off at 142 am midnight.

I went down to look for an electrician and then we got into a meter room constructed some 10 Years ago by some crazy Builder.

It was almost dark with some light from the basement parking area pouring into meter room.

We were using Torches.

Than all of sudden  I felt something climbing up my feet and Hush! Before i could actually react a big mouse had almost entered my dress from my pajamas/lower.

That one minute was one of the worst minutes of my life.

I shook my leg in all possible directions and with out bothering about ergonomics.

Finally I  desisted myself of the mouse but before leaving he bit me hard just under the knee.

Electricity Crisis was over and I had to rush to the Hospital with pain and bleeding.

I underwent anti rabbies vaccination which will go on for few weeks.

The way vaccination was done or may be it was due to my own immune system I also suffered from fever and slight swelling at the point of Injections.

After six hours I learned that I have also developed back ache and i cannot sit or walk properly. It was due to the uncontrolled reactionary movements during that minute of matter.

Now I realize following,

  1. No Loose Clothing while working in areas with mice hazard.
  2. Safety should not be limited to work place.
  3. Safety Shoes or Closed Shoes are mandatory while working in such area
  4. Significance of proper lighting
  5. When you look for a house make sure Builder has set the safety right

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