Can Anyone Be Fire Fighter

Most Entrepreneur’s and CEOs would hate me if I say everyone can not fight fire?

Specially in the developing world, most finance managers expect a few professional fire fighters in their fire squads.

They think all in the company should know fire fighting and they should be able to deal with the do.

For them if a safety manager talks about having exclusive team of fire fighters, he is himself of no use.

Its very painful, specially bearing the fact that we have lesser state owned Fire Fighting Back up squads and even those available are not adequately equipped.

Imagine a company sets up a plant worth 100 Million US Dollars or even more but they feel a Fire Water Network would do, as if by itself.

Fire is not a video game everyone will interest to learn and play. It can turn much more disastrous than we actually can imagine. Its much different and far more then just operating a Hose or using an extinguisher.

Fire Engineering is now a separate science and discipline in developed nations.

I also agree that multi tasking is  very much in, these days but for assignments like crisis management and fire fighting we should never depend upon ordinary.

In my experience and I am surely confident about what I am trying to advocate. The Art of basic Fire Fighting and Fire Management should be taught to all in the organization but that should be the last layer of protection. Depending upon the potential fire Hazards and the size of the organization or plant we must grow a team of Professional and Committed fire Fighters.

auxiliary fire fighters can help and would always be needed but Managements must understand fire fighting cannot be an alternate job.

Getting into real fires is much more different than taking part in simulated fire drill or rehearsal.


Fire Fighters should never be taken as overheads for they may not look useful to you for months and on one single day they save millions of dollars that you earned during those months.

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