Quality not Quantity

I started off, at the age of 15 or may be 15 and a half when I left my parents and entered into military academy. Four years of training……..Hush! what a life it was? and Than I graduated from Pakistan Military Academy.

I need to thank lots of people who impacted and compacted my life.

But largely it includes my Teachers and my Parents.

I learnt to compete in life for respect and more respect. Though their were pits, traps and falls too in this journey and some of them were deadly as well. But whenever I fell I got up again and started walking towards glory.

There was a time when I wanted to be a General and a President of my Country but then I had to move out from the Generals Race.

But on a lighter note, the Presidents Race is still not over.

So here I am moving with the flow of tides, sweeps, twists and turns of life and I have started loving them all.

The Only thing that keeps me on track and on move are those points of achievement that I call quality of life.

For me the quality of life is not about Bahria Town, Canadian Immigration, Australian Visa, UK, Gulf, Mercedez Benz or Number of Bank Accounts.

It is limited to achievements, mind sets, positivity, philanthropy, kind heartedness, education, values, principles and ability to survive with any thing, any situation and anyone.

I love living in a humble apartment that I have earned through my own hard work and sheer honesty. It may look small to many of my friends but its huge for me to be part of it. I love driving that Suzuki Cultus 1000 CC ten year old car though sometimes it gets really difficult to drive.

The Bottom Line is life is not about the Quantity and its about the Quality and Quality is not about the money but the positive mind set and clarity on what we can and what we should do?


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