Fire Fighting needs Continuous Training

I am astonished and perplexed after having served for almost one decade in safety?

On the Thought many enterprenuers and CFOs have set their paradigms????

“we do not need professional fire fighters…..we all are trained to fight fires? Operations will fight fire……..maintenance staff will fight fire or admin and janitorial staff will fight fire……

It seems so easy………. as if its not about fire fighting but some pillow fights…….

so much so many Safety Managers started agreeing to this as they wanted to continue their jobs.

Emergency Team Listing is very easy you may put name of any Mr. Tall or any Mr. Quick.

Optically many of us remain in oblivions….. we are not even sure what actually will happen when actual fire erupts.

Good or Bad… experience says…..we must train everyone on board to understand and deal with any crisis situation including fire but we must keep required number of fire fighting professionals to actually fight fire or manage overall fire fighting without total dependence on unprofessional or volunteer fire fighters


This is pivotal for industrial safety departments.

Secondly Volunteers or Professionals Fire Fighters must continue to train themselves.


It is very important and pivotal.

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