The War of Survival

ts very astonishing to note that the Organizational Behaviour have gone too intricate these days.

Employees all over the world probably would agree to me that there is one big challenge nowadays that most of them are facing.

It is to stay alert, stay on the toes, watch out from leg pullers, back biters, pressure groups, hidden moves and over expectations.

Most of us spend time thinking on, how to protect themselves from the misleads of other employees within the organizations.

Politics is part of Organizational Behaviour.

Those senior in age think youngsters are being paid more right in the oust of their careers.

Youngsters think the seniors have only directions to give.

Colleagues of the previous organizations prefer each other over anyone else and sometime forget the very lesson of merit.

Bosses try to contain and those who are being contained try to look for new bosses, then.

Cribbing in the wee hours and corner meetings is often visible.

MANY would say this is not in their organization and I will ultimately agree to few of these many. But the Fact Remains, their is always a war of survival. Even if you are one of the best employees the organization has declared still you have to protect this image and remain steadfast with the declared expectations.

I worked in about five organizations and all of them were big enough with hundreds of employees and I realized that time that an employee spends on positive and productive activities is often lesser than the time that he spends in sniffing, smelling and spying to survive in the system.

This is not going to be a major reason for an employee’s Career set backs but this would also cause collateral damages to many organizations in coming days.

An organization with more CCTV Cameras inside than out side, trust less its teams and its employees. Forcing the employees to work would only increase the quantity of work and not the quality of work.


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