Forced Milking Hazards

I do not know if its biologically okay to use some sort of Injection to force the buffaloes to milk more. That is the reason I am writing little that I Know and want experts to comment on it to get multi dimensional feedback and perspectives’.

Those into dairy product may not like this but the fact is that when you disturb natural process it has its own demerits.

Boosten is a local name for an injection being used in South Asia. It is banned by the state but still most livestock dealers still use it.

They believe they earn more because Buffaloes produce more milk.

But the sad part is it disturbs the health of buffaloes. (some veterinary doctor may comment more).

Even when the milk is used by humans it has some affects onto them as well.

As these dairy farmers operate in poorly managed outskirts of metropolis towns or in some far furlong villages the system of check is also weak.

We all have to learn more on the subject and protect ourselves and also the animals that we keep.

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