Effective Trainings

lmost all good companies focus on Trainings for continual Improvement.

But due to automation, number of employees are reducing, multi tasking is common.

One man doing more than one job is common.

The Result is we cannot spare our staff for training during work.

Training Plans, Training Records and Training Activities indicate everything is going okay specially in the companies where audits and Head Offices keep knocking the doors of managers.

But there is a big change.

  1. In most companies training has been limited to youngsters, internees, trainees or the staff which is last in the row when it comes to actual operations.
  2. Trainers keep waiting for people to reach training rooms.
  3. Despite nominations some are late and some are not available on the day of training.

I know many patriots would say this does not happen in our company.

The Problem is not with trainings or trainers, it is with expectations.

  1. We have to understand reality, pragmatism and time management before setting any expectation or objective for trainings.
  2. It would be more appropriate to segregate a major Training theme into segments so that actual training time should be kept to minimum. For Instance I would not recommend more than one Hour Trainings in a work place. Even this may be much for many.
  3. Training should never be ritual. It should never be limited to slides, PPT or class rooms. It should not follow the course of instruction rather it should follow the course of though flow process of the audience.
  4. Training should never end. I mean I don’t stop teaching till my student don’t start understanding. Even when the training time is over. I catch them up in the field, during the wee hours of the meetings, while travelling or even when we are in lunch break to talk about the left over points. In a way that they don’t feel I am focused. But I surely am.
  5. Effective Trainings Change Work Patterns, Work Attitudes and Work Managements and that’s what I always try to harp upon.
  6. Interactive Sessions should be more frequent than long spells of one man talking and others sleeping, even if the trainer is world class mesmerizer.
  7. Hand Outs should only be given if some one has to answer a question or feedback in writing otherwise they may serve more as distraction than interaction.
  8. A good and effective training should also have diverse elements of entertainment.
  9. As far as dealing with non availability part of the staff which actually needs training, we may opt for one of these, Hold Them after work for few extra hours and pay them for their time, Make Arrangements for on job training through senior staff members with well chalked out training themes, Spare them for training sessions away from work place to keep their attentions and focus towards training orCorrelate Trainings with annual appraisals and or performance evaluations.

In nut shell if a company  wishes to grow faster it must organize its trainings with more pragmatism and patriotism.

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