Travelling Thru Pakistan by train to understand a chapter of management

7,96,095 Square Kilometres of Land, Pakistan is blessed with diverse and amazing topography.

We have glaciers, Mountains, Rivers, deserts, lakes, Falls, karez, wetlands, sea, forests, plateaus…………….you name anything in nature and we have it.

The only thing that needs improvement is Management.

Probably people are good at management too.

but most of them have kept knowledge of management limited to personal management. They know how to get out of problems. They know how to deter against rules. They get out of crises and proclaim to be good crisis managers.

but what we need are good city managers, good street managers, good state managers.

now that brings us to another point.

management skill should always be supplemented with high moral values otherwise it can be of no use.

In an organization people with high moral values would perform more in peace time and people with out high moral values but good management skill may only be seen as good crisis managers.

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