Are you a Holder or Concluder Manager?

During last two decades plus I saw only two type of professionals or managers in life. The Holder Managers and the Concluder Managers.

Now we all have to choose for ourselves what category do we fall into?

There are people who hold everything for sometime. They think they are  detailed oriented and they want to ponder more. They don’t want things to happen fast or happen quickly. They feel they must take time in finishing. They often forget its not 19th Century or its no more labour intensive world.

Life has gone fast. Social Groups change rapidly their form, shape, size, needs and behaviours. Cycle has given birth to another word “Cyclic”. Time is a scarce commodity. Trust is a rear phenomenon. Beliefs change more rapidly and sometime even more faster than are attires.

Gone are the days when Holder Managers were considered cool headed. Today they are taken as Dumb or slow. They might look cool to their families for sometime. But at Work Place every hour has to be lived in a minute and every minute goes away in a second.

Holder managers will keep you waiting for files and sometimes even for signatures. They might give you an impression that they are going through the document or the case but they may not be.

When you try to peruse them for weeks they might sign, in a spur of a moment but still without reading the document.

They keep their tables full of case histories and are often engrossed in reaching to the right answer which may still not be the right answer.

From out side it appears they have so much of work to do and probably very less time. It may be true to some extent but the attitude makes it further worse.

However, Organizations now need Concluders not Holders.

The more faster and professionally you can conclude on work activities, job orders, assignments, projects and events, the more wanted manager you would become. The Fear of good or bad finish should never over power you to hold on things.

In my opinion keep doing the good effort you will keep getting the good results but you must ensure that you conclude your assignments to results. Concluder Managers don’t leave in the middle. They largely take tasks one by one with most significant and needed at the top but they definitely try to finish it first. Even when they move parallel they understand how to give focus and energy to the one which is most important and yet initiate an other.

One major difference between the holder and concluder managers is that the Holder Managers focus more on increasing the number of tasks that they have and the concluder managers expect to increase the number of concluded tasks.

The Organizations with more concluding managers grow much faster as compared to those who nourish holder managers.


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