If You are not Totally Involved?

Life means living.

If you are not living in what you are doing you are actually wasting your time.

Its not easy. Lot of us believe that we are doing what we are suppose to. But when we look deep into our hearts, souls and minds we would find that its not very true.

So much so, many of us would come to realization that we are misfits in many situations.

I have seen people working like machines but they even don’t understand that man is not machine.

We have feelings, soul and paradigms.

We have desires, likings and disliking.

So how can we work well if we don’t have a positive feeling for what we do.

Good Companies keep their employees aligned, motivated and involeved in whatever they are doing or they are expected to do.

Established Groups and companies have more problems nowadays. Especially those who have fewer products, established customers and fixed financial goals. They are not bothered by employees day to day motivation and involvement. Once in a blue moon or at the end of year they would announce some bonus or an increment at some fixed rate without having evaluated un-equi-potential of their employees. These are only fiscal benefits and mostly they don’t relate to work that employees are doing.

We have to understand that involvement in what we do is the basic and prime factor that can help us in performing well.

We tell our children to focus and involve…. so they learn faster but we often forget the same lesson when it applies to our self.

I have never seen a master piece created by an artist, architect or a poet if he does not concentrate or is not involved. So how can we master good results if we do not do our work with involvement.


Please write your comments to further strengthen or alter my analysis.


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