Spending Time With Oneself is More Important

The world has gone far more complex than easy during last two centuries specially due to over loaded influx of commitments and communications.

Our Minds have to deal with lot of stress every day.

For those who expect to be good professionals this becomes even more intricate.

They cant allow loosing or failures.

So they continue to strive for being perfectionist.

The result is multi dimensional and multi faceted crisis managements.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Viber, Watsapp and many other social forums have brought millions of people into folds of alike minded groups. Hence, Social activities and group demands have further been poured into our lives.

Most of us are now working 24/7 because our minds remain pre occupied with things happening around us.

We are more concerned and bothered by who is thinking what? or what is expected by others?

We have forgotten our own self.

We often miss out eating on time, sleeping on time?

We only go to the doctor when we have problem? we don’t miss getting our boss’s car checked before time but we are not ready  for our own preventive medical tests.

Rest is a rare commodity or may be an expensive too.

We are fearful that resting may cost us our jobs.

We want someone else to pick our children from schools, someone else to buy groceries for us, someone to clean our mess………

We often forget the cost of someone………

In nut shell we must spend time with ourselves.

we must take nap, siesta or a pause every day.

We must sit, sleep, think, meditate and lax alone for the reason that spending time with oneself is far more important than spending time with others.

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