When the Visible Cracks Look Bad the Invisible Cracks can do Worst?

As a student of safety I have learnt for 25 years that safety accidents are more damaging when they happen because of invisible or should I say often ignored cracks, weaknesses and/or flaws in our HSE Management System.

For visible cracks we make everyone alert but when the earth quake comes houses fall at a angle directed by inner cracks, invisible cracks. Resultantly responses fail and surprises kill.

As soon as we observe a major violation, crack, unsafe practice, unsafe condition in HSE Management System and or some actual ground condition we must get to those issues and problems which are hidden under the visible display.

In the books of safety we call it RCA or Root Cause Analysis, in the books of Management its thread bear due diligence and in the books of accounts its thorough audit.

Whatever name we may give it we need to understand one important fact of life dressing the major crack cannot give us solutions. we must get to grass root levels.

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