Oil, Gas & Mineral Exploration Opportunities in Pakistan

For those who still remain unaware or un-clear.

Pakistan is continuously moving towards Peace and Prosperity.

Specially with slightly more control in Afghanistan by US backed NATO & Local Government, the menace of Terrorism has been largely eliminated.

China felt this and they chipped into Pakistan with an Investment Plan of 44 Billion Plus US Dollars.

They Began with almost 3000 KM of Road Network including a main road from Xingjian  to Gawader Port for getting an access First to Warm Waters of Arabia Sea and than onward to African Markets.

It was a Terrific Move and from the facts on Ground they are almost done with major part of the Project. Interestingly they started building some magnificent halt points on the road and also a fleet of Power Plants adding to another avenue of Business.

However there is still an untapped Business Avenue and Opportunity that I believe would be Next Focus of China.

CPEC Road is passing from such areas of Pakistan where geologists strongly believe, exist world largest Oil, Gas & Mineral Reserves.

Pakistan has no issues as far as manpower is concerned. They have experienced Human Resource however they still lag on Exploration Technology and Equipment. They somehow lack in investment capital potential as well.

Whatever may the case be but this opportunity can be turning point for many Oil & Gas Exploration Companies and Groups.

Baluchistan Plateau is not an ordinary ground.

For decades many foreign sub surface experts have carried out estimations, checks and feasibilities to conclude that there are oil gas and mineral reserves worth many centuries in these areas. There was always a problem of access but now its resolved.

Here I invite Exploration Companies from across world to deliver the do.


Written by Zahid Faqir, MSPS, MAIR, MSIR, NEBOSH, IOSH

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