A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

In school when I read this I thought its more about Jugglery of words.

Today I feel a good preventive maintenance process and Proactive approach saves us from many big problems.

As individual we must learn the art of foreseeing in life.

It helps. At least we should learn the art of risk assessment. People often think that Risk Assessment is a Technical Activity used only in Industries or Plants but that is not true. Everything that we do in our lives has some risks and lows.

Those who try to keep track of them live more safer life.

Humans have a sixth sense that actually works better than the other five…….ha ha

However many of us do not want to trust this sixth sense which keeps us on our toes and give us early signals about likely dangers.

In my opinion risk assessment should be taught as a soft core skill to people of all ages and they must learn the art of weighing the risks. Even if they learn the process it would help them in their lives while they have to take decisions about many activities that they might be planning to do.

We often foresee many bigger problems when they are small but ignore them and the result is stress, disaster, crisis or an accident.

Imagine you get back home and observe a loose electric connection but you don’t want to fix it and later it turns to be an electric short circuit or a big fire.

Your son is not taking interest in studies and you feel the teacher or the mother will do the honour but their efforts may not also be working. And at the end of the day he fails.

Your father is having some some skin problem and you don’t bother much till it becomes cancer.

One of your Team Member has lost interest in job and is conspiring against you as well but you want to give him chance and time. The result is you have to loose your job.

Your car needed maintenance but you were thinking to avoid spending the result was you had to spend more.

Life is full of such events.

We all need to learn that a stitch in time saves nine.

May it be a relation or an activity or anything else.

Proactive People live better.

Written by Captain Zahid Faqir (Retd) MSPS & MSIR, working as Deputy General Manager in 560 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in Karachi, Pakistan

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