Managing Through Changes & Divides

In my school days when I tried understanding British Colonialism, My teacher told me that Britisher’s were successful in sub continent through divide and rule policy.

As I grew in age and experience I Realized lot of people use this as tool of managing larger groups of people, Teams and masses.

I even came across many bosses in my life who would keep their teams at Daggers Drawn towards each other.

The funniest part was that they always advocated in support of Team Work yet they loved hearing about ills of their employees from other employees.

They truly believed that if the employees don’t fight they will never come to know about the problems they carry. Back Biting was always considered a crime but still they did not mind asking their drivers, peons, secretaries and security guards about the whereabouts & conduct of many other senior managers. Publically they always looked like Mr Nice but as soon as they got alone with an employee they expected to know about the problems of other employees. They thought if employees remain engulfed in their professional jealousies, rivalries, animosities they would keep on informing about errors and mistakes of each other. resultantly they kept receiving information about plans, mischiefs, errors, mistakes, behavioural issues, attitude problems and professional rivalries of their employees much faster. it helped them in further twisting situations to their own management benefits. This was also continued form of Divide and Rule.

Staying informed about concerns is not the problem. Using an Information based on paradigms of informers for vested benefits without ascertained root cause is much bigger a problem.

Some bosses think they would loose their position, writ, influence or control if they allow better or more talented people to grow in their organization or teams. they have overwhelming superiority/inferiority complexes. they use change as tool of managing influences.

They never allow anyone to stay for long at position close to their position. they love resignations from their senior supervisors or managers so they can proclaim and restrict medal of loyalty to themselves. when I see a man sticking to a leadership position for long I often find higher attrition rate from his team. this is also intricate. bosses should never react as bossy.

they have to carry wits and emotions with utmost poise and without indulging in this gimmick of divide and rule strategy. they should never Involve in changing their employees, supervisors or managers frequently.  they have to keep cool and lead by example or walk their talk.

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written by Captain Zahid Faqir (Retd) DGM HSEQ in 560 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in Karachi, Pakistan with about 25 years experience in diverse management roles & organizations

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