Management through Information

During my two decades of work experience, whenever I saw some person extra ordinarily good at driving teams or management…. I realized he was always good at getting to know things faster than others.

I am sure if we do not know our people and our teams we wont be able to manage them well.

Most of the management gurus would agree to the statement that Management actually means gathering all available information and then using it to increase the productivity of any team.

Now this is positive side which many of us often forget as well.

In the lust to be recognized as good managers we often cross our limits.

Some bosses love to find mistakes and negativities of their subordinates because they think in this way they would be able to command them better after putting them in embarrassing situations.

They keep asking from every next person in the organization about every other person and resultantly they often get to know things which actually have nothing to do with their actual management needs.

It is due to this act alone that an organization becomes polluted with the environment of back biting, leg pulling, fear and professional jealousies resulting into poor performance and ultimately leading to the decay of the organization.

Such bosses command by virtue of their status and this command may also not last long.

Unfortunately, they don’t realize and they also start earning disrespect and hate.

Employees even stop sharing their goods.

Bosses start getting influenced by the team of informers whose twisted information sometime lead to many drastic decisions. Attrition rate also gets higher and higher.

In some cases these bosses stay longer because they become so well informed that when someone talks against them they come to know in the first instant and love to fire the gentleman who talked against them in the second instant.

Unfortunately due to so many advance tools of communications i.e. Internet, Mobile, Social Media and many others flow of information and passing of messages is must faster and quicker than ever before. This Information flow creates more trouble. Sometime when the information spreads  unexpectedly  things  become unmanageable as well.

In nut shell good or bad, Management in my humble opinion starts from collection of information and then its use for generating individual, team or organizational Targets.

I would really appreciate if those who read it comment in the form of agreement or argument to make me further clear and rich on the subject.


Captain Zahid Faqir (Retired)  MSPS, MSIR                                                              DGM HSEQ at Combined Cycle Power Plant in Karachi, Pakistan

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