Dynamic People

I love to be dynamic. I expect others to be Dynamic. Its very important to be dynamic. We often hear this word Dynamism but rarely understand its implication.

During last two and a half decade that I have been out of my childhood days and into professional life I always tried being a dynamic person.

And it paid me well.

Now I coach and teach youngsters and new comers the very significance of being dynamic. However today I Steal this opportunity to talk about the very genre of Dynamism.

There are few personality traits that I Feel can make an individual a dynamic performer or a professional.

a.      Positivity. It is very important to look ahead, look up, look at the half glass filled, look forward……..Problems, Failures, Taunts, Mockery, Hate, Dislikes, Discouragements…….They should make us stronger individuals. We Often forget, everyone is facing some problem. People who wish to be dynamic in life must shed away negative thinking in the first place.

b.      Involvement. This is also very important. Whatever we are doing we must be involved. For the hack of it, for the sake of it, because it is an order, I cant help it I have to follow, I am doing it because my boss wanted it to be done……. these are worst scenarios in which any one may be operating. We cannot ever be at peace or we cannot even perform well if we do not enjoy doing what we are expected to do.

c.       Novelty & Creativity. That’s life. If we are working, living and studying without novelty, creativity and innovation we are close to dead. This novelty is not limited to artists or writers but every man must learn the art of being novel and unique. Even Allah Almighty Created more than 6 Billion people, each with a new face and attitude so why should we try to copy or repeat things that others are doing.  Organizations love people with innovations. It brings changes and change is life and life means growing. It is imperative to understand that by doing same things differently we improve our focus, interest and ultimately our performance.

d.       Initiative. Risks are part of life. People who cannot take risks or initiatives ultimately remains subordinates, followers or managers. Those who try to capitalize on each window of opportunity to explore new horizons generally get to a leadership position, role or respect. Dynamic Leaders can not only pick up faster growth pattern but they also transform organizations into rapidly growing platforms. A person aspiring to be dynamic should have a very strong initiation skill.

e.       Upright Communication. Dynamic people talk, write and respond with utmost wits, wisdom and versatility. They know how to play with words but they general opt to be upfront. They would take any crisis or a problem with poise, dignity and upfront approach and would not waste energies in poking their nose into someone else’s trash. With them either its their baby or your baby, there cant be a third person. They are generally inspirational communicators and they know how to sell themselves.

f.       knowledgeable. if you are not knowledgeable you cant be dynamic. Whether you learn from books or experience, if at all you aspire to be dynamic learn to know about things that you expect to do. never stop on learning. dynamism means continuous desire to know more. A person without knowledge about his field, profession, public dealing, human behaviour, human psychology, group management, anger management and personal management can never be dynamic enough.

These are SIX FUNDAMENTALS for being a Dynamic Person. There could be few more but I am sure if anyone have these six the others will fall prey.

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Written by Captain Zahid Faqir (Retd) Serving as Deputy General Manager HSEQ in a 560 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in Karachi, Pakistan.

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